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Fontan Education Day 2018 - Adelaide

Welcome and Introduction - Fontan Education Day 2018 (Adelaide)

Dr Gavin Wheaton

The Fontan Procedure

Dr Andrew Kelly

Parent Story

Rachael Bishop

What is ahead of us? Technological advances and International Fontan

Prof Yves d'Udekem

Fontan parents and patients' greatest concerns

Karin du Plessis

HeartKids' support of the Fontan community

Lisa Selbie

The Woman with a Fontan circulation and Pregnancy

A/Prof Dominica Zentner

Fontan and exercise: From strength to strength

Dr Rachael Cordina

Fontan cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Dr Julian Ayer

Bone density and anticoagulation

Dr Ajay Iyengar & Prof Yves d'Udekem

Fontan Registry Clinical Trials

Dr Ajay Iyengar 

Patient Story

Callum McNair

ANZFAC: The Fontan community and advocacy

Patrick McConville

Oral health & dentistry

Dr Gabrielle Allen

Individuals with a Fontan circulation's neurodevelopment

Karin du Plessis

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