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Fontan Education Day 2017 - Brisbane 

Fontan Registry Update 2017

Dr Karin du Plessis

The Fontan Procedure - who, what, where & why? 

Dr Prem Venugopal

A family Perspective - Isaiah's Story

Karen Rupapera

Fontans through the Ages

Dr Tim Hornung


Rachel Maree

Liver and Renal Project Outcomes

Prof Yves d’Udekem

Warfarin and Bone Health

Chantal Attard

At the Heart of the Matter - A State wide approach to supporting neurodevelopmant.

Karen Eagleson

Quality of Life Study

A/Prof Nadine Kasparian


Dr Dominica Zentner

Moving to adult care - #abumpyride #lostintransition #askfordirections

Dr Karin du Plessis & Rebecca Peters

Active living for Fontan Heart - Sustaining health habits

Prof David Lubans

Heartkids support of the Fontan Registry Mark Brooke

Fontan - The lived experience

Belinda Loweke

Fontan - The doctor's experience

A/Prof Dorothy Radford

The South Australian Experience

Dr Terry Robertson

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