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Fontan Education Day 2016 - Auckland 

Fontan Registry Update 2016

Karin du Plessis

Development of the heart.

Marian Hamer - Nurse Practitioner

A Parent's View

Mr. Danny Gordon

The Fontan Procedure - Fixing the plumbing

Dr. Kirsten Finucane

Liver/Renal Study update

Prof. Yves d'Udekem

Aspirin Vs Warfarin - What's best?

Dr. Tom Gentles

Preventing blood clots in a patient with a Fontan.

Chantal Attard - PhD Candidate

Functional Outcomes Study

Dr. Kathryn Rice

Functional Outcomes study - Cardiac MRI component

Sofia Weskamp - PhD Candidate

Why I participated in the Functional outcomes study

Mr. Brian Rose

What I learned over the last year

Prof. Yves d'Udekem

Muscling out tradition! Exercise for Fontan hearts.

Dr. Rachael Cordina

Living life & loving it! Life with a Fontan circulation.

Michelle Maunder

A 2016 update from The Fontan Advisory Committee.

Rachel Maree

HeartKids New Zealand.

Rob Lutter

Ask the experts! An Open Forum

Answers from our expert education day panel

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