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Fontan Education Day 2015 - Sydney 

Introduction to Education Day 2015 Sydney

Professor Yves d'Udekem

Fontan operations - old ones, new ones, fenestration

Professor David Winlaw

Update on activity and mission of the Fontan Registry

Dr Karin du Plessis

Life with a Fontan: What doctors do and do not know

Dr Julian Ayer

An introduction to the care of adults with CHD: Focus on Fontan

Professor David Celermajer

Population based studies: How we interpret the findings

Dr Ben Dunne

Long term outpatient management of Fontan patients

Dr Julian Ayer

Update on the Liver & Renal study

Dr Ajay Iyengar

What the Registry data tell us about hypoplastic left heart and what to do about it

Associate Professor Yves d'Udekem

Congenital heart disease - causes and research relevant now.

Professor David Winlaw

ANZFAC - Australia & New Zealand Fontan Advisory Committee

ANZFAC - Australia & New Zealand Fontan Advisory Committee

My life with a Fontan

Miss Holly and Mrs Leonie Saunders

Exercise in children

Dr Nigel Sutherland

Exercise in adults , including indications for closure of fenestration

Dr Rachel Cordina

From the Heart: Families' experience of Fontan

Ms Laura Mitchell

Psychological care and building resillience

Associate Professor Nadine Kasparian

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