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Mia's Fontan story

I was born with complex congenital heart disease. I have now gone through four different operations. Now, I am five, I can play with all the other children, and I hope that, one day, I will become a ballerina. By enrolling in the Fontan Registry, you will help all those, who like me, are living with a Fontan procedure

David's Fontan story

I was born with a very complex heart disease. I have gone through 6 different operations done by four different surgeons. Now, 17 years after my Fontan operation, I lead my life, forgetting about my heart. I play cricket, volleyball, soccer, and Australian rules Football, and have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing). 

Listen to Michelle Maunders tell us about her Fontan journey - Living live and loving it!
Listen to Holly and her mum Leonie Sauders tell us us about her life with a Fontan 
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