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Fontan Youth Support Network (15-25 years)

Are you a young person with a Fontan circulation aged between 15-25 years old?

Have you ever wanted to talk or hear other’s experiences who are a young person who have Fontan circulation, just like yourself?


We have created a specific online support group for young people aged 15-25 who have had a Fontan circulation. This support network is just for you guys!

Membership requests:
Either send us a Facebook message to the Australian and New Zealand Fontan Registry page or email us at

Please include your name, age, where you are from (AUS/NZ welcome).

This group is specifically for young people who have had a Fontan circulation.

This page and will be monitored by the Fontan Registry staff. The awesome thing about this new Facebook group is that unlike other general CHD Facebook pages, this group will include an interest topic discussion every 2 months. Some of these topics will include things like becoming independent, navigating adult care, or how to you tell people about your Fontan? You will be able to share your own experience if you want, as well as tips or suggestions that have helped you and that could help other young people who have a fontan circulation.

This group is just for young people in Australia and New Zealand with a Fontan circulation, it is not designed as a support group for parents or other health professionals.


Please note, If you are under the age of 18 you will need parental consent to join the group.

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