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Authors: Yves d'Udekem, Victoria Forsdick, Karin du Plessis

"The interactions with patients and their families within Australia and New Zealand provide one potential model for the involvement of patients and parents that may result in research that is more relevant, focused, and practically applicable in a healthcare setting."

Authors: Ajay J. Iyengar, David S. Winlaw, John C. Galati, Gavin R. Wheaton, Tom L. Gentles, Leeanne E. Grigg, Robert N. Justo, Dorothy J. Radford, Chantal Attard, Robert G. Weintraub, Andrew Bullock, Gary F. Sholler, David S. Celermajer, Yves d'Udekem

"No difference was found in the rates of thromboembolism (blood clots) between extra cardiac conduit patients taking aspirin and warfarin"

Authors: Yves d’Udekem, Ajay J. Iyengar, John C. Galati, Victoria Forsdick, Robert G. Weintraub, Gavin R. Wheaton, Andrew Bullock, Robert N. Justo, Leeanne E. Grigg, Gary F. Sholler, Sarah Hope, Dorothy J. Radford, Thomas L. Gentles, David S. Celermajer and David S. Winlaw

Follow-up of all 1006 survivors of the 1089 patients who underwent a Fontan procedure in Australia and New Zealand. 

"The long-term survival of the Australian and New Zealand Fontan population is excellent"

Watch Chantal Attard talk about preventing blood clots in patients with a Fontan; & Dr Tom Gentles talk about Aspirin vs Warfarin
Helpful video to interpret research findings

Selected reading

Sympathetic and vascular dysfunction in adult patients with Fontan circulation

Unreliable Associations Between Type of Fontan and Early Outcome?

The Australia and New Zealand Fontan Registry: description and initial results from the

first population-based Fontan Registry

Trends in Fontan surgery and risk factors for early adverse outcomes after Fontan surgery:

The Australia and New Zealand Fontan Registry experience 

Surgical palliation in patients with a single ventricle and dextrocardia

Outcomes of patients born with single-ventricle physiology and aortic arch obstruction: The 26-year Melbourne experience

The hurdles of providing mechanical support to childrenwith congenital heart disease  

The extracardiac conduit Fontan procedure in Australia and New Zealand: hypoplastic left heart syndrome predicts worse early and late outcomes

Surgical strategies to facilitate heart transplantation in children after failed univentricular palliations: the role of advanced intraoperative surgical preparation

Aortic arch and pulmonary artery reconstruction during heart transplantation after failed Fontan procedure

Redefining Expectations of Long-Term Survival After the Fontan Procedure

Fertility and Pregnancy in the Fontan population

The use and misuse of ACE inhibitors in patients with single ventricle

Should we recommend exercise after the Fontan procedure?

Ten year outcomes of Fontan conversion in Australia and New Zealand demonstrate the superiority of a strategy of early conversion

The Cost Differential Between Warfarin Versus Aspirin Treatment After a Fontan Procedure

Adolescent and parent perspectives prior to involvement in a Fontan transition program​

Hospital Inpatient Costs for Single Ventricle Patients Surviving the Fontan Procedure​

Hospital costs and cost implications of co-morbid conditions for patients with single ventricle in the period through to Fontan completion

Inspiratory Muscle Training Is Associated With Improved Inspiratory Muscle Strength, Resting Cardiac Output, and the Ventilatory Efficiency of Exercise in Patients With a Fontan Circulation

Ventricular assist device support in patients with single ventricles: the Melbourne experience​

Three decades later: The fate of the population of patients who underwent the Atriopulmonary Fontan procedure

The Long-Term Management of Children and Adults with a Fontan Circulation: A Systematic Review and Survey of Current Practice in Australia and New Zealand​

Involvement of patients and parents in research undertaken by the Australian and New Zealand Fontan Registry

Super-Fontan: Is it possible?

"Will she live a long happy life?" Parents' greatest concerns for their children with a Fontan circulation

Clinical outcomes in adolescents and adults after the Fontan procedure 

"How long will I continue to be normal?" Adults with a Fontan circulation's greatest concerns

Ask not what your Fontan can do for you, ask what you can do for your Fontan!

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